Friday, January 18, 2008

So Excited - Just Can't Hide It!

I can't remember who did that song but those lyrics fit this situation exactly!

I've been busy preparing for a reunion weekend with my sisters in Kansas and just haven't been online much. I did happen to pop on today & found that Paulette of Becoming a Renaissance Woman blog fame, has mailed the Pay It Forward painting she did for me! I haven't seen my sisters since my mother's funeral in the late 90's but, to be honest, I'm only slightly less excited to see Paulette's painting!

Don't get me wrong - I love my sisters dearly & miss them a lot. We're separated by over 2,000 miles and it's really hard for all of us to get together in one place at one time so getting to see them is such a treat! I'll also be seeing my father who is nearly 90 years old so please understand that this trip is a really BIG deal!

But, on the other hand, I've watched Paulette grow in her art and she has blossomed into a really fine artist. She's done what was necessary to become the woman artist she is today and it's a real rush to receive a product from that labor.

Pay It Forward is a really great idea - it's so nice to share our art or other talents with one another and even complete strangers. Perhaps it's even something you might want to do. For more particulars, or if you'd like a free painting yourself, please see the following blog entry HERE or Paulette's blog information HERE.

Anyway, watch this space as I'll be posting the painting that Paulette sends me!


Paulette said...

Oh man-n,I sure hope I don't let you down. You mentioned a hint, hm-m I'm terrible at hinting, I tend to give it away. I picked the picture for you, it's hand drawn, it is not a flower, even though I know you like them, it is not your lovely horse, because although I looked at both pictures several times, it just wasn't working for me, hm-m enough teasing for one day!
Have fun with your Sisters!

Jan said...

As if you could let me down!