Friday, January 11, 2008

High Speed - Someday?

About the only thing I really hate about living in the country is the lack of high speed internet access. Satellite and something called a PCI card (or something like that) is available but I'm told they offer less than desirable results at some pretty high prices.

Face it, the internet of today is designed for those who can receive huge files in nano-seconds, not those of us on dial-up where it takes hours to download something that would take a broadband user less than a minute to download.

So, I was excited when I saw that WiMax was finally at a marketable stage and would be available this year in some places and situations. Unfortunately, there will be limited availability for the service and I also read that the necessary hardware is also limited. The incentive for our local telephone company to expand their dsl service into rural areas was probably crushed with the announcement about WiMax also as I've read that WiMax will be easier and cheaper for companies to implement than dsl. Even if WiMax is a year or so away, I can't imagine the telephone company running the necessary lines and installing the necessary equipment for dsl if it can't compete economically.

Sigh - so close and yet so far!

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