Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Let's Make Art Members

I have to brag on the members at Let's Make Art as I got a plethora of great ideas for storing my art papers and protecting the top of the Monster from a couple of them. My thanks go out to Joanie and to Christine of the Creative Life Studio blogspot as they both had some very workable ideas. Christine even provided some links to places where I could obtain some items. Thanks so much to both of you!


Today I think I'm going to finish the top of the Monster and hopefully get to do a little painting later today or tomorrow if at all possible. I'm really looking for the USB data cable for the phone/PC internet tether to arrive either tomorrow or by at least Saturday and if it does arrive, I'm sure I'll end up messing with it. I haven't done any painting in a while so I definitely hope to work in some doodles at least even if the cable arrives. With the high speed of that internet connection, I figure I can get all of the usual online stuff done quickly so I can still play and have time to paint!

I love having the best of both worlds! lol


Jeanette said...

Hi Jan, I've tagged you in my blog to reveal 5 uncommon facts about yourself to the world and pass it on to some of your friends.

If you care to participate, you can check it out.

Jan said...

Oh, gee, thanks, Jeanette! Paulette tagged me once but I wasn't updating the blog on a regular basis so didn't even know about the tag until much later.

I'll try and we can see where it goes.