Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Bottom Fell Out

Well, the bottom of the temperature fell out last night! Yesterday was a decent day but today is literally freezing! We even had a little snow earlier today! Almost unheard of in this part of the country!

I'm so frustrated as today was a perfect day to stay in and work on some art projects. I have many unfinished projects that I want to finish. I also have some new media to learn about but I still cannot grip a pencil or paint brush. I want to scream!

Some time ago, I watched a gentleman on television use his fingers to paint with acrylic and think I'm going to have to try that again if I want to paint anything! I was pleased with the painting I produced at the time and wonder if I can do anything like it again.

This is what I did many years ago using only my fingers.

This may be the only solution for expressing myself with some kind of art medium! Well, I haven't tried a palette knife & wonder if I could manipulate one of those. Hmmmm - hate to leave such good company but I'm off to find some acrylic paints and a palette knife!

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