Wednesday, January 9, 2008


The oddest thing has happened today. I started a rooster painting to be donated to our local animal rescue's auction only to find that two other people who belong to Let's Make Art have also painted roosters that they posted today - one at Let's Make Art and the other on her blog (Paulette from Becoming a Renaissance Woman)! Is this a coincidence or are we having a run on roosters! lol

I have been experimenting with art supplies that I bought before my temp job ended and my rooster painting was done with something called Twinkling H2O's which were recommended by another member of Let's Make Art. These are supposed to be watercolors but I have a sneaking suspicion that they're actually acrylic as the only resemblance to artist's watercolor is the fact that you can wet them to get a liquid paint. They are very opaque and they won't lift from the paper once they're dry. I have to admit that they are fun as they have mica chips in them that add a sparkle to your painting (it doesn't show up in my scan). I believe they were originally developed for rubber stampers. Anyway, this feels kind of heavy to me but I do like the way it came out except for those splotches in the background. I had expected to be able to soften them so they were barely visible but they dried quickly and there was no way to rework them.

Paulette from the Becoming a Renaissance Woman blog is offering a Pay it Forward painting and I was fortunate enough to be a recipient of her generous offer! Basically, Pay it Forward is a way to do something for someone in hopes that they will also do a good turn for someone else. So, in light of that mandate, I will offer a painting to the first person who says they would like to have one plus I will offer something additional to the painting that I normally donate to our local animal rescue organization's annual auction which is held in February. They do not have to be told to do good as they do a tremendous amount in a county where it's hard to convince pet owners to spay and neuter - they Pay it Forward on a daily basis. In addition, I'll help someone in some anonymous way - maybe fix up a Pay it Forward card explaining what I'm doing and give it to someone along with a $20 bill or something. While I'm a part of a group of artists who are participating in this, I would like to keep it going and expand it beyond the artist's community here.

So, if you would like to have a free painting, just let me know in the comments section of this post. All you have to do is to agree to Pay it Forward yourself!


Paulette said...

I knew you would come up with some great ideas!

Jan said...

I hope your confidence is well-deserved!