Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Home Again!

I returned from the "Sisters Reunion" yesterday and must say that I enjoyed myself thoroughly! Also, it turned out that our brother was also able to join us so I guess we should call it the "Sisters & Brother & Father Reunion"!

There are six of us kids altogether - 5 girls and 1 boy. My brother was the last child and, with all older sisters, I imagine he was pretty spoiled! Since I was next oldest, I can remember torturing him but not spoiling him! Unless of course, even giving him attention of any kind was spoiling him! In my own defense, he was a little kid when I was of dating age and he was the typical little brother pest who created the type of scenes that everyone laughs at in television programs or the movies. He seems to have grown up a lot and become less pesky these days - however, that could simply be the result of me being out of the dating market!

My sisters all looked gorgeous as usual. We all are so different in looks and personalities for the most part. I would post a photo of all of us that my brother-in-law took but I'm not sure the family would appreciate that so much. Yeah, yeah, I know very few people read this blog, but still, I guess I ought to preserve their privacy from the few who do read it! Suffice it to say that everyone looks much younger than their ages and they're all a very attractive bunch! Even my father who is nearing 90 is still an attractive man - he goes to senior dances and all the ladies want to dance with him!

While the visit with family was much too short, I'm glad to be back home. It didn't seem as if there was enough time to visit with each family member individually but I'm sure the old saying about visitors and fish both smelling after three days also applies to visiting relatives! Anyway, I missed my husband and our animals a lot so would have been hard-pressed to have stayed away any longer!

I'm glad I went as I also got to see many of my nieces and nephews all grown up with children of their own. I'm pretty objective about things and, being an artist to boot, I may notice beauty more than the average person. I have to say that we have a most attractive family who are all as sweet as they are nice looking, and, no, I'm not at all prejudiced!

Until next time!

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Paulette said...

Sounds like it was fun.
What a good husband to finish your desk while you were away!