Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Some Goofing Off Stuff

I didn't get a lot done on the magnolia painting yesterday but I did a little goofing off playing with my graphics software and some filters.  The result is a cartooned version of my photo.

This is certainly nothing earth-shattering and not even news-worthy but I figured some of you may be looking for an update post and I didn't want to leave you without anything at all!

I did finish a commission this morning and am now working on one of the "for fun" photos that I said I wanted to do.  I'm pleased with this one as most of the photo ref wasn't what I wanted so I had to improvise.  I used the eyes and nose from the ref then had to draw the rest to my liking.  I'm not finished with it and probably shouldn't have started it but the right colors were already out from working on the earlier commission so I went ahead with it.

I'll go back to work on the magnolia hopefully tomorrow even if I don't finish the puppy painting today.  And I'll try to remember to show the commission after it's been given.  It's a gift and I don't want to spoil any surprises.


sue said...

Nice fun Post Jan!!

We're leaving for the airport in a couple of hours (2.30am GMT) and I was trying to find something to post on my Blog before we start our holiday. Something like this would have been terrific ... but I'm a technophobe and probably wouldn't ever play with graphics packages!

I recognised you .. is that good or bad???!!!

I have been working on a portrait for the last couple of afternoons but am not sure whether it will be finished .. I'm happy to leave it on the easel till I get home and can consult with the client. Watch this space.

I hope I'll get the chance to make a post or two during the next three weeks but, if not, keep up the good work and I'll 'see you' in February.

Jan said...

Have a wonderful time, Sue! I wish I could go with you as this dreary winter is the pits! I'll be checking to see if you can post but I know it's difficult for you from there. Again, have a great time!

Teresa said...

I think it's important to just lower the expectations and do some creative playing at times. Good for you! At least you did get a post here. Some of us, (no names shall be mentioned) have been known to go for quite a few days without a post ;-)

Jan said...

Thanks, Teresa. Sometimes just doing something like this either gets me out of a slump or keeps me going. It's sort of mindless fun that keeps the old brain synapses firing!