Monday, January 10, 2011

Oh, No, Not Again!


Yep, it's snowing AGAIN this morning!  It just started less than half an hour ago or so and look what's accumulated already.  My DH just had to go to work this morning and left at his usual time before it started snowing.  He works about an hour from here and actually made it to work before the first flake fell.  However, it may be a different story this afternoon when he tries to get home!  I hope he heeds the advice he would surely give me and comes on home before the roads get icy as they are predicted to become (check out Atlanta who got this a few hours ahead of us!)

Guess I'll stay in today and see if I can work on a painting.


sue said...

Oh Dear !!!

Dors said...

Hope you husband gets home early and safely.
Can't go out. what better than a day painting. WoooHooo.