Saturday, January 15, 2011

ColourFix Suede - It's Here! Now What?

The art supplies I ordered have finally arrived and now I'm in a real quandary!  I don't know which color of the new ColourFix Suede to use first!

I ordered the rainbow package which consists of the colors shown HERE as well as an extra white and an extra black.  I've decided to paint one of the magnolia photos that I took a couple of years ago but I really can't decide which color to use.  I'm really drawn to the Blush which is more of a light peachy pink, (or maybe a light shrimp?) than the more brownish color that shows on my monitor.  I think it would look good under the creamy color of the blossom but I'm not sure and would hate to try it only to find that I'm wrong.  I guess I should use the white since I do have more of it and I can underpaint to suit myself.

So, I'm dithering about trying to decide after getting so ticked off because it didn't get here as quickly as I'd hoped!  Or, maybe I was ticked because I knew I'd need some extra time to decide on a color!  lol

I will say that the colors are wonderful and richer than they show online.  The Kalangadoo isn't so much a light gray as it is a very light tan.  The Jacaranda is a sumptuous deep, bluish-purple that looks the color of a woods violet or maybe a deep purplish pansy.  The Tasman Sky is really a lovely soft sky blue.  Their colors are good but I do hope they come out with more at a later date.

In the meantime, I'll never be able to report how I like this paper if I don't get off here and try it!


Dors said...

Gorgeous colors Jan. I am really looking forward to seeing the Magnolia. Love them and the perfume is just beautiful. We took some lovely photos of the Magnolia in the Hunter Valley Gardens.
Isn't it fun when you receive a parcel from the art store. YUMMY.

Jan said...

I finally got going on the magnolia, Dors and hope that it turns out well. They're my favorite tree flower and, like you, love the way they scent up the yard. Are your magnolias the Grandiflora or, as we call them here, the Southern Magnolia?

Yep, getting packages from the art store is just about the best kind of fun there is!

Thanks for commenting!

Dors said...

Hi Jan. We have a couple of varieties here of the Magnolias.

Port Wine Magnolias. and the Little Gem ( Grandifloria) are very common here.
They are so beautiful.