Saturday, January 8, 2011

More Snow, Colourfix Suede and Other Stuff

We are having a really, really weird "snow/no snow" day today!  It was cold with a very heavy frost this morning but the sun came out and it was really pretty for a little while.  Then we had a 2 minute flurry of heavy snow with high wind - almost like a mini blizzard!  Then the sun came back out again and since the weather forecasters had said all the snow would be in the morning hours, we decided to go to a Hobby Lobby about 30 minutes away.  We set off with the sun shining and got about 10 miles before we ran into blowing heavy snow again.  We thought it would end just as it had before but it only seemed to get worse so we turned around and came back home!  Bummer!

I didn't really need anything at Hobby Lobby but it seems that I've been stuck in the house forever and just wanted to get out for a bit.  The reason I didn't need anything is because I just placed an order with Jerry's Artarama yesterday evening.

Yep, I finally ordered the new Colourfix Suede paper along with some other things I've been wanting.  It should be here towards the end of next week if all goes well.  Sue, from Pencilpix blog, told me she'd been dithering over what support to use and had effectively put off starting a new painting.  I think that's the case with me and I hope having a new support to try will get me revved back up again!  The cold and lack of sunshine really zaps my creative juices and I haven't wanted to paint at all lately.

I have several things on hold that I really need to get going on but it seems that if I start something when I'm not in the mood, I struggle with it and sometimes end up starting over anyway.

I'll keep you posted on how I like the new suede paper - just hope I'm in the mood to try it when it gets here!


sue said...

Hi Jan

I hope the arrival of the Colourfix suede paper does the trick ... we're missing your artwork!!

sorry to hear the snow returned. The Northern part of the UK has had a lot of snow but 'down South' we've had rain, rain and more rain coupled with really high winds last night.

We had a sleepless night listening to the storm raging outside. Today the weather has calmed down .. but we're both walking round like Zombies .. not enough sleep!

Jan said...

I hope your weather turns for the better so you can sleep tonight! If not, maybe another glass of wine will help!

And I hope the new paper will help me too!