Friday, August 28, 2009

Fabriano Tiziano

If you've been reading my blog for the past few weeks, you might remember a post about some Fabriano Tiziano paper I bought on sale.

Well, I'm not one to let any art supply go to waste if I can help it, so I ended up applying a coat of Colour-Fix Primer to one of the sheets and it actually worked! The paper did buckle a little but a quick mist of water on the back then overnight under a pile of books solved that little problem easily.

I bought the CF Primer on a trip to Jerry's ArtaRama quite a while ago and have never used it. OK, I was chicken to try it as I'd heard it could end up streaky and uneven but I didn't feel I had anything to lose with the Tiziano paper. Actually, it went on very easily and while there was some streakiness, it wasn't all that noticeable after applying the pastel. It shows up slightly when the painting is scanned but a scanner will sometimes pick up every grain of sand anyway.

The painting above was done for an OSWOA exchange and I was very pleased with the way it came out especially since it proves that I don't have to let this paper languish in my paper drawer!

4 comments: said...

Beautiful , rich painting. I have never heard of the primer, does this leave your paper with a surface like the colorfix paper?

Jan said...

Thanks, Geraldine. Yes, the primer turns just about any surface into a sanded surface like the colorfix paper. You can use it on just about any clean surface plus, you have a little more control over the amount of grit on the surface.

You can look here for a better explanation:

I used a foam brush as I'd heard that a regular brush might streak. Many artists use a foam roller and say they get the best results with it.

sue said...

Waste not, want not!!! Excellent idea Jan. I find ready sanded Colourfix paper too grainy so it would be nice to control the amount of 'grit'. I know Roger (pet portrait forum) 'rolls his own' - Having just ordered more pastelmat and fisher 400 I'll be working my way through those before trying anything new though.

Beautiful colours in your picture

readingsully2 said...

Wow..lovely flower.