Friday, August 14, 2009

WIP - Lab Final

I had contacted Belle's owner yesterday and she preferred the red background so that's what I did. I finished it up today and emailed a copy to the owner who approved it wholeheartedly. I just returned from putting it into the mail.

Whew! I was sweating it as it seemed like pulling (my own!) teeth to get this halfway the way I wanted it. However, Belle's "mom" said it looked just like her and she was so excited to know that I mailed it today. Hope she's just as excited when she receives it!

I didn't have anything but a very bright red for the background so I ground up some red, some green and a little blue and mixed them together to come up with a color that the owner wanted. I have this photo cropped but the background is vignetted. The mat will cover everything but the red color though so this is pretty much the way the dog will look after it's framed.

Oh, I did tweak the eyes and nose just a little more before I mailed it but didn't make another copy - they were slight adjustments.

Now, on to my next commission - another dog. This time it's a pure white toy dog and I have some ideas for it but nothing has quite jelled yet. This is the commission that isn't due until November and where I'm given free rein to paint it the way I want to! How cool is that?

Also will be working on an OSWOA for an exchange in an art forum I belong to. We just had an exchange and it was so successful, we decided to plan for another one. I'll show the OSWOA I did for the last exchange in tomorrow's post but will have to keep the new one a secret!

Shhhhh, don't tell but I think it's going to be a flower!


Teresa said...

It looks wonderful! You won't believe this... but when you posted all those different color backgrounds my initial choice was the red one. But on second look, it seemed a little overpowering. With the toning down you did it looks great!

Jan said...
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Jan said...

Well, I had so many typos in that last comment that I decided to just start over!

Thanks, Teresa! To tell the truth, it was my initial choice also and it just felt confirmed when the dog's owner also wanted the red. My scanner has a hard time with reds and this photo doesn't show the true color. It's actually just a tad deeper but I still think it complements the dog very well.

sue said...

Beautiful Jan. I like the graduation of colour which stops it being overpowering

Anonymous said...

The lab has come out great Jan, and the background colour works really well.

Jan said...

Thank you, Sue and Vic. She gave me fits but also gave me a better understanding of PastelMat.