Saturday, August 8, 2009

WIP Update - Lab

I don't know if this is just at the "ugly stage" or is really just bad but I'm about ready to start it over again. I bought the PastelMat to experiment with but, for me at least, it has a steep learning curve!

I probably should have left it alone until the Richeson pastel sticks arrived but it was lying there on my work table with the pastel pencils beside it and ----- well, I just couldn't resist adding a stroke here and there!

I'm still working all over the place and have the eyes, nose, collar (& everything else!) left to do so don't judge it too harshly! I am going to leave it alone until the new pastel sticks arrive and then, if I can't rework it to my satisfaction, I'll start over again on velour or maybe even PastelBord.

On a brighter note, I went to Hobby Lobby yesterday and got a few supplies. They offered a 40% off coupon, were having a 30% off sale on some items plus it's our annual tax-free weekend so I bought some things that I wanted. Actually, I didn't get much because Hobby Lobby doesn't carry much in the way of really good art supplies but I did buy the wedge-shaped Style Stix. I thought they might work as well as my finger for blending but it felt clumsy to use when I tried one. I probably just need to practice with it though.

I also got some Winsor and Newton workable fixative. I don't think I've ever seen that at HL before so I was tickled to find it. All I've ever seen around here is the Krylon stuff and that smells sooooo bad that I really don't like to use it. Hobby Lobby also had a low odor spray by Blair but, if I remember right, I don't think it said that it was a workable fixative. Anyway, I bought the Winsor and Newton and like it so much better than others I've used. To tell the truth, I think I like it better than the super expensive Lascaux that I've been mail-ordering.

One of these days I want to try the SpectraFix fixative that another artist has developed using milk casein. It's supposed to be much like the stuff that the old masters used without any of the more harmful chemicals or anything. It's also not supposed to darken your work. If that's the case, I may go back to experimenting with glassless framing!

So many art supplies! So little time and money to try them all! lol


Christine said...

It looks like you can add some more pastel here and there Jan. I'd just wait now until the new sticks come in the mail. I think you are going to be fine with this once you continue adding more colors. Don't you think?

Teresa Mallen said...

I agree with Christine, I think that things will go right with this piece once you get adding more colour. The drawing looks great and that is pretty important! :-) So we shall wait and see what you reveal next...

readingsully2 said...

Are you nuts, Jan? He's beautiful as is so if you do even

Teresa said...

I don't think he's "ugly" at all! He's beautiful... has a soft - almost watercolor - effect to it.

Jan said...

Thank you all. It's not anywhere finished but you sort of know if something is on the right track or not. I don't think this is anything I can't fix as the PastelMat seems to hold a lot of layers. I think my biggest thing is that the pencil marks aren't erasing or covering. If the new pastel sticks don't cover them, I guess I can mix paint to hide them. Hope the sticks arrive tomorrow!

Oh, this is a gorgeous female yellow lab. Her name is Belle and I like that you think the portrait looks soft right now. I imagine that's due to the support and that it will tighten up with more pastel added so I can get sharper lines.