Saturday, August 15, 2009

Angel in the Azaleas

This is the OSWOA (Original Small Work Of Art) that was my contribution to an art exchange at Let's Make Art, an art forum I belong to. I said yesterday that I would post it so here it is! lol

I was very pleased with this painting even though I had trouble getting the highlights to stay after spraying with fixative. It seems that light colors in pastel seem to just melt sometimes. Anyway, this is from one of my own photos and it seemed to just flow. I wonder if I should have made the azaleas more definitive but I wanted the angel to be the focal point.

Anyway, a long-time member of LMA and someone I consider to be very special received this painting and I'm glad it was she who received it.

My husband really liked this painting, probably mostly because it's of one of our "neighbor's" front yard before the county ruined all their beautiful azaleas by paving our country gravel road. Seeing this angel standing watch in the midst of all those azaleas was a sight to behold. I only hope I've conveyed that feeling of awe and beauty in this painting.


Christine said...

It's goregous Jan! I think you did the right thing by keeping the flowers out of focus. It gives it a romantic feel. Very pretty!

Anonymous said...

This is beautiful Jan,the flowers are just enough to give a lovely is perfect as it is.

readingsully2 said...

Lovely. :)

sue said...

Its very beautiful Jan. I agree with Christine and Vic that you've got the balance right with the flowers.

Jan said...

Thank you all for your comments & I'm so glad you agree with the decision to keep the flowers out of focus.