Thursday, April 2, 2009

Memorial Portrait W.I.P.

pastel on velour
Jan Gibson

This is a portrait I started a few days ago and I figured I ought to post a wip (work in progress) while I was at it since I haven't posted here in a while. So far it's going well but all I'm doing right now is laying down the base colors and I don't know how long it will take to finish. I'm trying to work all over the portrait to make sure to get the shading/tones right as a whole instead of working a section at a time.

The light has been awful since we've had rain for what seems forever here! It's not been so much rain as it's been drizzly and overcast and really kind of depressing!

I'm kind of excited as next week a friend and I may go to Raleigh to Jerry's Artarama (retail store) and that should be a really fun trip. It's not that I need any art supplies but just getting to go look is a real treat. So much of the time, I mail order my supplies and don't know exactly what I'm getting until it arrives. I even mail order from Jerry's as the store doesn't carry all of what they have in their catalog. But, even being fairly well-stocked right now, I'll bet I'll find something I just have to have. What do you think? lol


~Barbara~ said...

We've been having the rain too. We really need it, but I don't like the tornado warnings tho. Sure keeps my gut tore up.
We're on our next to the last round now, so maybe I can relax.
Hope you get to go on your outing to Raleigh next week, and I know you may be well stocked, but you can always use some more stuff. Enjoy yourself.

Teresa Mallen said...

Sadie is a gorgeous girl. As a memorial portrait, I am sure this will be much treasured. Happy shopping at Jerry's!

Teresa said...

This is beautiful already, Jan! What kind of velour are you working on?

Re: art store trip... always a FUN outing!

Jan said...

It looks as if our rain is over until Monday too, Barbara. We're kinda soggy so hopefully we can dry out some before getting more! I just want some good light.

Teresa, Sadie was a dog I had the pleasure to meet and she was a beautiful dog with a wonderful personality.

Thank you Teresa, I'm working on Hahnemuhle velour and it's one of my most favorite pastel supports. Only the Ampersand PastelBord beats it in my opinion. Here's a link to the pads but they also have sheets of it: