Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sadie Memorial W.I.P - Final

Sadie - Complete
Pastel on Velour
Jan Gibson

I think I've completed the portrait of Sadie but am letting it "marinate" a bit to be sure. I haven't sent a proof to the owner yet either but will do so in just a little while. She will know for sure if I've gotten sweet Sadie right.

Now that Sadie is complete, I feel as if I have unfettered time to spend with my granddaughter before she leaves to go back home. I also want to practice more with the gouache as well - I'd like to try an animal instead of a flower the next time. I'd like to learn to paint animals in gouache as it's easier to correct mistakes with it than correcting them in watercolor. And, with my heavy hand, I think gouache may be more suited to me than watercolor. We'll just have to see how it all goes after a few practice sessions.

So many mediums, so many supports and so little time! lol


twincedar said...

I think Sadie's owner will be pleased. Enjoy the time with your granddaughter!

Teresa said...

This is gorgeous, Jan. It's so soft and thoughtful... almost wistful.

Re: "So little time"... I'll second that one! I'm forever experimenting with one thing and another.

Teresa Mallen said...

Sadie is lovely. I am sure the owner will be very happy with it. Have a wondertime with your granddaughter.

Jan said...

Thank you all! Sadie's owners were pleased - it's always a time of holding my breath until they respond.

Have had lots of little interruptions recently but hope to get back to experimenting soon!

brendathour said...

Such a beautifully sweet and touching portrait! Your artwork is absolutely amazing!

Jan said...

How nice to see you here, Brenda and thank you so much for your kind comment.