Sunday, April 12, 2009

Red Tulip - Final

Red Tulip - final
gouache on canvas panel
Jan Gibson

I'm calling it quits on this as I think it's about the best I can do until I learn more about this medium. I can tell you that I probably made a mistake by using canvas instead of paper for my first real try at gouache. I thought it would be easier as mistakes just wipe off but, the paint came off way too easily. I need to learn how to control the lay-down of the paint and when to leave it alone and when to go back into it. I just couldn't get the subtle color gradations even though there is more variation in color on the original than show in the posted version.

I want to finish Sadie then experiment some more with this gouache! It's a fun medium and I think I'll like it once I learn which paper, panel or other support best works for me with it. The tulip above may be a less than stellar result but it was nice to play with a new medium and I plan to practice, practice, practice with it!

Although most of the world doesn't acknowledge Him nor use this day to remember His sacrifice, I want to remind you that He Is Risen!

Happy Easter to all of you!


Christine said...

Just gorgeous!

Teresa Mallen said...

Hi Jan, I am enjoying reading about your gouache experience. The tulip is a lovely colour and I really like your background.

Happy Easter to you too!

~Barbara~ said...

Nice! Did you happen to take a picture of the real thing? We're too warm down here to grow tulips.

Spent our Easter afternoon watching the Suwannee River go out of it's banks. Doing a real good job. Lots and lots of water. We're high and dry about 4 miles from it.

On Saturday the oldest son and wife and the 2 great grandkids came up. Joe hid about 100 eggs for them to hunt. Was glad when they went home tho, the Great Granddaddy Day Care really don't get it when he's 76 years old. We have a year to rest up.
Hope your Easter was good too.

twincedar said...

I like the tulip! Flowers are not my specialty. Happy Easter to you, too!

Jan said...

Thanks, Christine! You don't have to make me feel good about it though!

Teresa, I know it's an awful painting but it's fun to experiment, isn't it?

Yes, Barbara, I just posted a couple of photos for you. We're almost too warm for tulips. Sometimes in a warm winter, they don't get enough chill hours to bloom and they're kind of spotty about growing well. We planted these this past fall but not all of the came up. Hope you stay dry and recover quickly from the great grandchildren's visit!

Thanks so much for stopping by, Lori!