Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Memorial W.I.P. - Update

pastel on velour
Jan Gibson

I've only done a small amount more to the portrait of Sadie but it's beginning to take shape. Still working on the darks which are the basis for the pale topcoat. Sadie was definitely a beautiful champagne blonde!

Well, I think my OH may have peeked into my blog and the secret is out that I wanted to go to Jerry's ArtaRama! So, I'll just tell you (& probably him too, lol!) that a friend and I did go today. Gosh, I'll bet we spent over an hour wandering up and down the aisles looking at the all the art supplies! I was very good and only bought a couple of pieces of Ampersand PastelBord and some ColourFix primer for making my own boards. I'm told ColourFix can be sanded so it's not quite so rough when you prime it yourself. The primer wasn't outrageously expensive so it's worth a try.

I think I did very well driving in Raleigh. I freely admit to being a real country bumpkin when it comes to driving in big cities but at least I knew pretty much where we were going and how to get there and we made it just fine. But my friend wanted to stop by JoAnne's craft store on the way home and we did get lost leaving that shopping center! However, it was just a few blocks out of our way and we ended up where we needed to go without getting creamed!

I'm soooo glad we live in the boonies! It may take an hours drive to get anywhere with any shopping or amenities at all but mail order works just fine in my book! Shopping convenience just isn't worth the frustration and stop and go wear and tear on my car!


Christine said...

Looks lovely Jan! What a nice looking dog it is. :o )
Oh, I wish we had such an art store here too, brimming over with art goodies. Believe it or not, but even though this is the Capitol City with two major Universities we only have a small Utrecht store here. ;o (

~Barbara~ said...

I give you credit for driving to the big city. Good for you.
I agree with you about mail order. I prefer it to any other kind of shopping.
Now if they only get home delivery from WalMart I will have it made.

Your painting is coming along quite nicely. Getting good in your old age.

twincedar said...

Hi Jan, The Sadie portrait is coming along nicely. I too hate to drive in Raleigh and will ride with someone else if I can manage it!

Teresa said...

Jan, this portrait of Sadie is looking wonderful. I love the softeness of the lights and darks and it's obvious that Sadie was a beautiful girl.

Re: Raleigh... I'm with you! I go to Raleigh a few times a year and though I really don't mind driving in the lunatic traffic up there it's nice to get back home where one tractor and two cars on a road at the same time constitutes heavy traffic!

Jan said...

Thank you all for your support. Yes, Sadie was beautiful and a very smart and loving dog also.

Gee thanks, Barbara! Glad I'm accomplishing something in all this time!

Yep, Teresa, that's heavy traffic around here too!