Saturday, April 11, 2009

Red Tulip in Gouache

"Red Tulip"
Gouache on Canvas
Jan Gibson

I'm still working on Sadie but decided to show you a little practice piece I'm working on. In my last mail order of art supplies, I got some gouache just because I wanted to try it. It's kinda fun to play with - much like watercolor except it's not transparent and I would say that it works much like acrylic but can be lifted like watercolor.

The tulip above is from our yard and isn't finished yet. I'm slowly working on it learning about gouache as I go. One thing I've found is that you pretty much have to put down the color/hue/tone that you want the first time as the paint will lift and mix with any layer applied on the top of another one. However, that can work to an advantage as blending becomes a breeze if care is taken when applying the second layer.

I don't know if gouache will become a medium I use a lot, but so far I do like it.

Just wanted you all to see my struggles with this - will keep you posted.

Have a great Easter!


Christine said...

Jan Jan ;o) ...I don't know why you think it's no me it looks very nice. You've got some real nice play of light going on here which gives it a sort of glow. Now this is a medium I haven't heard much about, so you explaining what it does opened my eyes to it. Sounds interesting.

Jeanette said...

This is lovely Jan. The tulip has beautiful colours and presence.

I haven't used gouache a lot so its interesting to see it being used well.

Happy Easter.