Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Prize Won Put to Use

Jan Gibson

Last month I entered a contest with my "Intense Pride" lion painting and won! I entered the contest mainly to prod me into actually painting a reference photo that had intrigued me for ages but I just didn't have the confidence to start it.

Anyway, I received my prize a couple of days ago which was a set of acrylic paints from Frank Clarke, Mr. Clarke hosts a painting show on PBS here in the US and I'm sure he has similar television programs in other countries.

Of course, I had to try out the paints and the magnolia above is the result. I have sooooo much to learn about acrylic painting but at least I've started! (See Teresa's post about procrastination on her Blueberries, Art and Life blog to understand why I said that!)

I've never really gotten into acrylic painting because of the issue of their drying time. It's incredibly fast and once dry, the paint can't be lifted or manipulated like watercolors can. The quick drying time also makes it very difficult to blend. Those are issues I'll need to come to grips with and resolve if I continue with acrylic painting. There are mediums and retarders and the like to use though and I do have some of them. I also have some of the Golden Open acrylics which stay wet, or "open", much longer than traditional acrylics.

So, considering the traits of these acrylics and the fact that I don't have much experience with acrylic painting, I hope you'll cut me some slack with this painting of a magnolia! lol I know it leaves a lot to be desired but I'm fairly pleased with it as a first effort!


twincedar said...

Congratulations on your prize! Where do you find the contests to enter?

Teresa said...

Oh Jan, CONGRATULATIONS!! "Intense Pride" is indeed prize-worthy and I'm so thrilled for you!

Re: Acrylics... good for you! The magnolia is beautiful.... looks to me like you're off to a running start. I gessoed two pieces of canvas paper yesterday.. as soon as I finish my portrait of Gracie I'm going to try out my new Chroma Acrylics!

Christine said...

Cutting you some slack?? Never!! LOL All kidding aside, this painting is simply marvelous! I like everything about it. The colors you used make this painting glow, and the execution of technique is wonderful. This is a great piece. I wanna see more like it! ;o )

Christine said...

Oh, and I forgot...Congrats on the win! It was well deserved!

Jan said...

Thanks for the comments everyone, It tickled me to win the contest as I've never won anything before. It was actually a very modest contest, nothing on a large scale or anything.

Lori, it was at, Frank Clarke's forum and they do have a contest every month.

Thanks Teresa! I can't wait to see what you do with the Chroma's! Oh, I looked up your town and it's near a place that my DH & I talked about moving to after he retires. We've never been but it had such a romantic name - Magnolia! Have you been and what's it like? email me if you'd like - it's my first name

Thank you Christine! Oh, please, you know that's not very good but I was pleased with it being pretty much a first effort!

~Barbara~ said...

Congrats on your Prize Miss Jan. Always makes a person feel special when they are recognized for their talents and you sure do fit the bill.
Nice painting of the magnolia and the little Yorkie too..
I can't even paint an outhouse with the directions on the door but that's OK, I never could stand the smell....

Teresa Mallen said...

Congratulations on your win Jan. We learn by doing so you were right to dive in and try something. My first acrylic didn't look as lovely as your magnolia! It does sound like a lovely place to live. :-)