Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Deer Intimidating Fox

Deer with Fox

I realize the photos above aren't the best but they were taken from quite a ways away. However, I'd promised you that I'd post them so here they are!

I was astounded when this little scene played out. I was in the kitchen which has a window overlooking this back hay field when I saw the two foxes come out of the woods on the right and start their nosing through the grass. The herd of deer was grazing to the left but none of them seemed in the least upset about the foxes.

I'd run for my camera when I first saw the foxes and stepped out onto the back porch to watch what would happen. A couple of the deer broke away from the herd and cautiously approached the foxes. One of the foxes, probably the female (bottom photo, red arrow on the right) moved back into the woods while the other fox nonchalantly worked his way toward the back and left. As the deer got closer, the remaining fox moved into the woods to the rear.

It seemed very odd that the deer were intimidating the foxes! The deer didn't seem to be approaching in a threatening manner but more out of curiosity. I do know that one fox against several deer can't do them much, if any, harm, but you would still think the deer would be the ones to move away.

Anyway, seeing this sort of thing for myself is one of the things I like so much about living in the country.


Christine said...

That's a lovely and peaceful view! I would enjoy living so close to nature also.

Teresa said...

I've recently had a fox (or two foxes?) run across the road in front of me as I was close to home on two occasions. I love seeing them. I slowed down and watched as he dashed from a field on my left, across the road, and into the woods on my right. A flip of his bushy tail and he was gone!

Jan said...

I do like seeing all the wildlife and it is very peaceful, Christine, although the deer can be very destructive.

Teresa, are your foxes the red ones or the gray? I think we have both.