Monday, February 23, 2009

Two plus Fifteen

Wildlife composite

Just waiting for a little daylight before getting back to painting so wanted to post some photos from yesterday.

The fox was back again along with a mate perhaps? Anyway, there were two of them this time. I had a hard time getting a photo of one of them as it hung back in the treeline to the right where the shadows were too deep to see it.

Then, later in the afternoon, a herd of deer wandered into the same place where the foxes had been. We see the deer all the time, sometimes too often, but the herds are getting larger and larger. Not all are seen in the photo but there were about fifteen deer there yesterday. Sometimes we see herds with thirty or more deer in them.

Oh, some news and I'm not sure whether it's sad news or not. I haven't seen the rabbit since the last photos I took of it. It had let me photograph it from just a few feet away several times so I wonder if one of the foxes got it or if it just got fed up with me pointing the camera at it so much. I hope it found a better hiding place but I do miss seeing it! Maybe it will come back one of these days.

I got some really good shots of the one fox but, again, my poor little camera just couldn't zoom in close enough to get any detail. I'm saving my money for a new camera and if anyone has any recommendations, I'd love to hear them.

I need a versatile, point and shoot camera since I photograph animals from quite a distance away and also photograph flowers very close up. I wouldn't have time to mess with changing lenses and fiddling with f-stops, etc. which is why I'd like a simple camera. However, it needs to zoom in very close and take good, sharp photos! And, a great price wouldn't hurt either! lol

OK, back to the easel!

Hope everyone has a great day!


Jeanette said...

I think we must be living in parallel universes Jan. Yesterday around dusk a HUGE fox wandered casually up the drive and lingered by the barn, checking to see if any ducks or geese were still out most likely.

I was too slow with my camera, the light wasn't good and I don't have a fancy zoom lens, so my photo is blurry.

I have found that if rabbits are scarce it means the foxes are about. I don't have your herd of deer, just moose and they usually arrive singly, thank heavens!

Jan said...

I know that we see more foxes when the rabbit population is up - I guess because they have more food. Are your foxes red or gray? We have both but rarely see the red here on the farm.

I'm not sure what these foxes were after but it could be grubs as they were digging around a bit and the grubs come to the surface when we have warm weather such as we've had one or two days recently.

Anyway, we've seen lots more wildlife this year than in years past - I've gotta get a better camera! Any suggestions?

Jeanette said...

The foxes here are red and silver ones sometimes. They get very bold and have been a nuisance in the past killing chickens, ducks and even geese. We sort of bribe them with old eggs on the compost pile in the hopes that if they're satisfied, they'll stay away from the barn.

Cameras...well I have my heart set on a Canon Rebel and a zoom lens, but I need to win the lottery first...

erin said...

hi jan,

i have a canon digital rebel. it's a great camera. it is an slr (single reflex cam.) on the cheaper end of those types of cameras, but still great quality. i have printed up to 16"x20" and there is still great/amazing quality in the photographs. (i bought this camera in '03 or '04 and it is 6.6 megapixels). the great thing about it is that you CAN change lenses...macro for flowers, long lens for far away. AND you can just set it to automatic focus AND automatic exposure so that you don't have to fuss with all the buttons and such. i think it's a great investment. on the other hand if you want a smaller, point and shoot camera, i'm not as familiar. but if you aren't going to print larger than 8.5" x 11" then i wouldn't worry about getting something more than 6 or 8 megapixels. (but maybe the minimum these days is 10 mps) i think that canon, nikon have small handhelds but i would have to do research on it myself.

good luck!