Monday, February 9, 2009

New Commissions

Jan Gibson

I've just started a couple of new commissions and will post the wips here. They are both Jack Russell Terrier/JRT mix and are cute as buttons. Unfortunately, the male has passed away but I received some really decent reference photos of him so I hope he won't be a problem to paint.

I apologize for the light sketch - I tried to enhance it in my graphics program but couldn't do much with it.

I think I'll be working one dog at a time but we'll see how it goes. I started with Zoey because it seemed the right thing to do (I don't know why!) but it was a little difficult getting a pleasing composition because of her upright ear. It was standing in nearly every photo I got of her so I think it must be a part of her that I felt I needed to include. It's just so perky and cute anyway, don't you think?


Martina Alberts said...

Hi Jan,
I'm looking forward to seeing how this pet portrait will come to life.

Jan said...

Thanks, Martina! I'm trying to get it finished but haven't wanted to stop to take update photos as I really need to get them finished!

I'll post as soon as I can!