Friday, February 27, 2009

Another Award!

Just a quick post today as I'm still immersed in painting. However, Christine from Creative Life Studio has given me an award and I've been remiss at posting and thanking her for it.

So thank you so much, Christine! I'm so gratified that you thought of me. I'll have to think about who to pass the award to next!

Please bear with me and I promise to get back to posting soon. We're still dealing with many things right now but they have dismissed my husband's mother from the hospital and moved her into a rehab center.

I also have new photos of our two foxes and a herd of deer grazing unconcernedly in the hay field with them. Actually, I even have photos of two of the deer chasing one of the foxes away. It was very interesting to watch. But, I'll have to get those photos cropped and fixed up enough that you can see what's going on! Where does the time go?

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