Friday, February 6, 2009

An Honor Indeed!

Teresa, from Blueberries, Art and Life has chosen me for an Art Blog Award. Thank you so much Teresa!

In conjunction with the award, the recipients are supposed to tell seven things that they love. I quit using the word "love" in describing objects quite a while ago when I saw that we're only to love God and people and loving anything else is a form of idolatry. So, I'll tell you things that I like a lot!

1. I LOVE God, my family and my friends.

2. Our animals are very close to my heart (2 dogs and a horse)

3. I have a passion for painting

4. I like fresh, homemade bread right out of the oven

5. I like spring when the flowers start to bloom and everything is new all over again

6. I like food fresh from the garden

7. I like the satisfaction of a job well done

I'm also supposed to pass this award on to seven other artist bloggers. It's a monumental task to choose as there are soooo many fine artists out there but I've chosen:

Barbara who is an artist in her own right. Her Poser creations are awesome!

Christine who is a first rate graphite artist - her portraits are especially beautiful!

Jeanette whose work is first rate. I don't think there's a medium she hasn't conquered.

Lori Andrews whose work I admire very much.

Lori Talbert I've been watching her grow in her art and become another fine artist.

Paulette, someone else who does excellent graphite work.

Teresa who does excellent colored pencil work and must have the patience of a saint to have chosen that medium!

Ladies, I hope you'll tell us seven things that you like very much and will pass the award on to other bloggers. If you're too busy, then just enjoy the award - you all deserve it!

There are so many more who deserve this award - again I thank Teresa for thinking of me!


~Barbara~ said...

Thanks my friend for the very generous kudos. Got my award posted on my site.

Christine said...

Wow Jan...I feel honored that you included me in this list of artists! Thank you so much! I'll think on seven things I like and post it soon, and also will forward the award. You know, what you said about Love struck a cord with me and I agree. From now on I'll follow your example in that regard. Thanks!!! :-)

Jeanette said...

Jan, thank you, you're very kind. It will go up on my site in the next day or so and I will reveal my list of seven loves.

Teresa said...

You're so welcome, Jan!

I enjoyed reading your fav seven list... and I didn't even think of homemade bread... but that's something I dearly love too!

Paulette said...

Thank you Jan.
I'm still around, having a little hiatus.
I signed up for an ATC trade so will get blogging shortly.
PS. your blog is looking great!

twincedar said...

Thank you so much Jan!

Teresa Mallen said...

Thank you very much Jan! I truly appreciate this recognition. I shall accept the award on my blog in the next couple of days and I will list my seven loves.
Thanks again!

Lori Andrews said...

Wow Jan, I'm honored that you would think of me in your tag, and thanks for the kind words. :) And I know what you mean about finding the time, I'm still behind on two different tags both here and on facebook, I had no idea how many networks were out there till recently, glad your a part of mine. :) I love your works!!