Monday, February 23, 2009

Finally Finished

Acrylic Ink on Ampersand
Jan Gibson

I finally finished that cute little Jack Russell Terrier I've been working on. Acrylics aren't my usual medium but somehow, Zoey seemed to want to be in that medium. I started first in watercolor then switched to pastel but she just didn't begin to come together until I started using the acrylics.

I just got the final ok from her owner who said (and I quote)

I'm so happy with it I could jump and touch the ceiling lol i feel like.It is wonderful, you did a beautiful job."

As I told the owner, part of the payment of any portrait or commission is the satisfaction of knowing that you've met the expectations of the person who has commissioned the painting.

Now I can let out my breath as I was holding it until I heard from her!

Thanks so much, Holly - I really wanted to do a good job for you.


Karie said...

I'm so envious, I wish I could paint, incidently my sister is called called Zoey!!!

Teresa Mallen said...

Glad you are breathing again Jan! :-) I find it interesting that you had originally thought this piece would be in watercolour or pastel. Congratulations on having a happy customer!!

Christine said...

Fantastic piece, Jan!
Please come over and visit my blog, I have an award fer ya. ;- )

Paulette said...

Nice work Jan!
I'm not surprised that your customer is happy!

Teresa said...

Really nice work Jan! Love the one ear up, one ear down... adds to the charm of the piece.