Friday, February 29, 2008

In The Waiting Room

Waiting Room Sketches
Jan Gibson

These sketches are the result of the long wait at the doctor's office the other day. This is not all of them and I also read for a time and visited with other waiting patients! It was a very long wait!

I seem "drawn" to sketching shoes in situations where you have to wait. I guess that's because you don't have to really focus on someone's face and make them feel uncomfortable. This shoe belonged to a somewhat older lady who had the most beautiful tattoo on her foot! I liked her shoes also but the tattoo was a highly detailed, fully shaded drawing of a vining flower. It seemed a bit out of place on a lady in her late forties to mid-fifties and since it twined about her foot into the arch, I'd imagine that it hurt like the dickens to have it done!

The ball cap was on the head of a very elderly gentleman and it was a challenge to sketch both it and the lady's foot. The man kept looking around the waiting room and the woman kept tapping her foot so that neither stayed still long enough to get a very accurate sketch! I think I need to seek help from Jeanette Jobson at her Illustrated Life blogspot. She's the master of quick sketches in waiting rooms, airplanes and cafes!

The little fish was just a quick doodle out of my imagination and out of frustrated boredom! The vase took quite a while. It was also out of my imagination and I was trying to figure out the shading without a reference. I finally gave up on it and added some tulips. I'd come prepared for a wait and had a sketchbook, pencil and some watercolor pencils. I also had a couple of waterbrushes that I'd bought before I left my last temp assignment and have hardly used. I'd filled the water reservoirs at home so I was all prepared.

If it hadn't been for these art supplies, I think I might have gone a little bonkers just sitting there for hours on end. From now on, my motto is the same as that of the Boy Scouts - Be Prepared! lol


Jeanette said...

There's nothing like sketching people in a public place! I just love it. And rarely have been caught in the act, though people are usually interested, not negatively.

Your sketches, whether real or from your imagination are a great way to pass time.

Jan said...

I didn't think anyone had noticed me sketching but after the waiting patients got to talking to one another, one lady mentioned it. It's still uncomfortable for me to sketch in public but IS a good time passer!