Monday, March 3, 2008

Multi-Talented Painter

The title above may not accurately depict the actual content of this blog post! It's actually about painting our porches.

When we built our house, we wanted porches that just about wrap around the house. Unfortunately, we didn't contract with anyone to paint those porches and, now that the weather has turned nicer, we're having to do it.

The porches were done with brick and treated lumber and the lumber had to age or dry out or something before it could be finished. The porches have been unfinished since last October so it's high time they were done.

I gave the first coat of stain to the front porch deck and steps over the weekend then finally got the second coat on just a few minutes ago. The front porch is pretty small and has a vinyl covering over the posts and rails so it wasn't much area to paint.

Well, it's not much area if you're 20 and pretty limber! I think I'm in pretty decent shape for my age - I can toss around bales of hay and do many things that other women my age may not be able to do. But this porch painting (it's actually a stain but goes on like paint) requires some twisting and turning and bending that my body normally doesn't do!

This sort of painting makes me glad that my normal painting is of a different type!


Jeanette said...

I'm sure your porches are lovely Jan. I always long for a big porch stretched across the width of the house, but it may not happen in my lifetime :)

ANd yes, all that bending and stretching in painting definitely finds muscles that aren't ordinarily used. Don't do too much!

Jan said...

Aw, don't give up on the porches - I never thought I'd have them either.

I won't do too much but need to get back to painting them. Everytime we've had a good painting day, rain gets predicted within 24 hours. (The instructions say to keep dry for at least 48 hours!)

That's life, I guess!