Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Yippee for Yupo!

Jeanette, from the Illustrated Life blog, was talking about trying Yupo, the plastic "paper" that many artists either love or hate. I got some samples of it many years ago and have grown to like it very much. I said I loved it in a comment on Jeanette's blog, but the truth is, I like it a lot, but it also frustrates me when trying to use it.

You really learn to be loose while painting on Yupo and that's very good for me since I'm rather a detail freak at times. Below are a couple of paintings done with watercolor on Yupo.

The first is from one of my own photos taken while visiting my sister in Colorado. This is not finished because I got tired of trying to get the shading on the rocks. I was fighting with the support instead of working with it and, in this instance, it won!

"Colorado Hillside"
Jan Gibson

The second painting is also watercolor on Yupo and was painted as a sort of tribute to my mother who had a green thumb. She could smile at a dried up looking cutting and it would become a healthy, beautiful plant. She loved flowers of any kind and my painting contains a variety just for her.

"My Mother's Garden"
Jan Gibson

Painting on Yupo is difficult because the paint beads up then sort of rolls around on the paper. You have to take a dab then let dry approach to painting on it. On the other hand, if you make a mistake or want to change something, the paint wipes away easily with a damp towel.

Yupo - try it, you just might like it!


Jeanette said...

It looks like you've conquered it quite well Jan.

It sounds similar to drafting film in behaviour, though I haven't tried watercolour on drafting film. There's another experiment to try! :)

I'll have a go with it and see what I produce. I used to use watercolours in my Moleskine and the water would bead up on the paper there, so I think I can anticipate a little what will happen.

Jan said...

Yes, I think trying to paint on drafting film would be about the same as painting on Yupo! And, no, I certainly don't have it conquered & doubt that I ever will!

Can't wait to see your results.