Sunday, February 10, 2008

This 'n That

I know I've promised to post the pastel pencil of the chihuahua that I did but I've been reluctant to do it. It's the first pet I've done in that medium and I really don't like it much. The client was very happy with it for which I'm very grateful, but I think that just reinforces my belief that most people see what they want to when it comes to their pets!

Anyway, I'll post it because I said I would.

copyright Jan Gibson

I'm still working on the apple still-life and just can't seem to get it finished. I'm not really in a slump but am in what I call a "restless heebie jeebie" state. Usually, I really want to paint and try to paint but flit from one thing to another without being able to finish anything! This sort of thing usually precedes a change in my life that's not necessarily art related. It's sort of the "storm before the calm" although I guess it might be more accurate to say it's build-up to a storm of change.

Nope, that's not right either because the changes aren't usually turbulent or in any way bad. Does anyone out there know what I mean? Do you experience such times in your life?

Anyway, I'm piddling along with the still-life and have made some progress. If I ever finish it, I'll post it, I promise, then I'll probably never do another pastel painting again! lol


Paulette said...

I still think this guy looks great, although I will admit that I like your water colour pictures an awful lot.
I'll hope for good change for you!

Jan said...

Thanks, Paulette. I don't know why I don't like this - well, it's more that I don't think it's particularly well done but I don't know what's wrong with it or how to fix it.

I'm glad you like it anyway - anytime you (or anyone) has a suggestion for improvement, please jump right in!