Friday, February 1, 2008

Knowledge From the Tag

If you read my previous blog, you'll know that I was tagged by Jeanette from Illustrated Life to reveal 5 things about myself that most people didn't know. I'm not usually into this type of thing but decided to participate after reading Jeanette's five revelations. I decided that the tag draws people closer because they usually have many things in common.

For instance, Jeanette revealed that she loved cheese and could just about live on it for every meal. I love cheese too - just about any kind.

Jeanette also revealed that she had once owned a MG and I did too only mine was a MGA & it was my favorite car. It was green (my favorite color), it was a convertible & it felt as if you were riding in a go-cart but I still loved it.

I tagged someone that I'd never had contact with before but whose work I admire. I had to contact her to let her know of the tag and found that she and I have tall husbands in common. To be honest, I felt a little embarrassed to contact her for the first time with the news that I had tagged her but she sent me a very nice email back with the information about her husband also being tall. Peggi of Habets Studio seems to be a really nice person and I'm glad I tagged her. I checked her blog this morning and found that we also have "as organic as possible" gardening in common! I can't wait to go "meet" her tagees!


Jeanette said...

Thanks for playing along on this Jan. You never know who will respond to being tagged, as its been around for awhile and lots have already participated.

Its always interesting to read personal snippets about others and know them a little more.

Jan said...

Ha, ha - Just this time, lol!