Monday, February 18, 2008


To my friend, Paulette, from Becoming a Renaissance Woman blog. She was interviewed by fellow artist, Sue Smith of Ancient Artist: Developing An Art Career After 50 blog and it was very in-depth and very encouraging interview for new artists or those who's skills have been allowed to lapse! You can read the entire interview at Sue's site here.

Paulette must be a woman of incredible determination and unusual stamina as in just one year she has learned to draw in graphite, learned to work in colored pencil and has written a book about her learning process! This is in addition to raising four children, caring for those children and a husband and house! She also mentions that she wanted to learn to play the piano as well as learn to faint!

You'll have to check out Paulette's blog to see how all of this came about. I think you'll find, as I have, that Paulette is a remarkable woman!


Paulette said...

Hee, hee there going to think I am wonder woman, instead of someone trying to get out of house work!LOL
Thank you for the plug.

Jan said...

Well, you are Wonder Woman, aren't you? And, does it get you out of housework? lol