Saturday, October 2, 2010

Toddler and Chicken - giving up

Well, this looks a little over-saturated to me but looked good on my graphics software so I don't know how you'll see it.

Sue and Christine gave me some good advice that I tried to follow but am not sure how successful I was.  I guess it's not bad considering that I'm not a people portrait painter and it's terrible if I were!  lol  We'll just call it somewhere in the middle and also call it finished as I don't have the heart to keep messing with it.  It's already getting somewhat muddy.

I've not shown it to the parents nor to anyone else, for that matter.  I'll do some slight smoothing then email it to my vet and see what he says.

Now, on to other things - I still have the Rottie to finish and also have a commission for two Coton de Tulears to paint.  I go to meet the Cotons next week and I'm excited about that as it will be the first time seeing that breed in person.

Until next time!


Dors said...

I think you have done a really good job of this Jan, The skin tones and the hair looks so great, so natural.
It's children's story book material. I could just see this as an illustration. "Life on the Farm"

Love it.

Christine said...

Sweet! Looks good Jan!

sue said...

I'm sure your vet will be really happy with this Jan :o)

I haven't come across a coton de tulear dog - looks as though you'll have fun with that commission. Look forward to seeing WIPs

readingsully2 said...

Jan, it is lovely. I cannot find anything to improve upon.

Jan said...

Thanks everyone. Your support means a lot but I don't think I'll ever get into human portrait painting! This was stressful to do and I think painting should be fun!

Haven't heard from my vet but I don't think he checks his email very often so it might be a while.