Monday, October 4, 2010

On a Painting Binge

I've been on somewhat of a painting binge here lately and just finished the portrait on the left yesterday.  It's from the Paint My Photo site and is from a reference photo by Carrie Layne Mashon.

This is Conte, soft pastel, and pastel pencils on some suede paper from a scrapbook supply store.  I've been wanting to try the suede matboard that some artists use but it's not available locally that I can find and it's pretty pricey to order since there's a 10 sheet minimum.  The paper I bought is acid and lignon-free and I thought it would do well for experimenting.  The size is about 8 x 10 inches.

I really, really like the suede for use with pastel and the painting went very quickly with little to no dust!  I used a brown color paper for this painting and the light-colored, harder pastels didn't cover that well and that's really my only complaint with the paper.  I have one Sennelier soft stick in white that works well so I can see that if I intend to use the suede much, I'll have to invest in some softer pastels!

Oh, just thought of the new suede paper from ColourFix!  It's still not available where I shop but I'm really hoping it's as wonderful to paint on as this was!   Just think, I can get new paper and new pastels!  I'd better hurry up and finish the commissions that are waiting as I see a shopping binge coming to match my painting binge!  lol


Dors said...

Beautiful Jan. He looks so soft/fluffy. I could just pat him .
Great job.

Oh a shopping binge for art toys. Lovely.... Enjoy Jan. :)

sue said...

Well you're certainly a good ambassador for the suede paper Jan - this is really lovely.

I've promised myself an online shopping trip this evening - nothing exciting just more pastel pencils/paper and pencil extenders .... but I'll enjoy browsing!!

Jan said...

Thanks Dors and Sue. The ColourFix suede paper still isn't available here yet as far as I can tell so it might be a while before I get to go shopping.

Hope you got some nice new art stuff, Sue!

Teresa said...

This is awesome, Jan! Wow... you did such a wonderful job. I'm truly impressed. said...


Debra Babcock said...

Awwww..I like it Jan. Your first attempt at portraits is an amazing one. I love it!