Monday, October 25, 2010

Art Festival Musings

Well, the art festival I told you about in a previous blog post was this past weekend and I actually enjoyed it.

It was held in a large barn out in the country and I'd wondered if anyone would find their way out to us.  But, the show was well publicized and we had a surprising (to me) number of visitors.  There were numerous events scheduled for the same time frame but I think that actually worked in our favor as people were out and about and stopped by on their way to or from other activities.

Did I sell a lot?  Not really, a few note cards and magnets but no original art.  That doesn't surprise me though as most people don't carry around the price of an original painting with them.  But, I did have considerable interest in pet portrait commissions and hope there will be some people who actually follow through.

As I said, I normally don't like to do street fairs or these kinds of festivals.  Most of the time you work yourself to the bone in preparation, set-up and tear-down and generally, for me at least, barely make back your costs.  This time it was sort of fun though - it was fairly small as it was the first time but all the vendors were very congenial and the people who attended were in good moods.  The weather was gorgeous and we were surrounded by farm animals, including 3 gorgeous horses.  There was breathing room with real fresh air instead of crowded city streets filled with gas fumes and the sometimes unpleasant blending of food smells.

So, this festival was fun and, while not exceedingly profitable, at least I got an opportunity to give out business cards and get a little name recognition.  Hopefully it will pay off with future commissions but, if it doesn't, it was still fun!


sue said...

I'm so pleased you enjoyed the event Jan ... and that some pet portraits may materialise later.

I'm a bit behind with emails but will catch up with you soon.

Christine said...

I am glad you had a good time, Jan! Did you take some pictures? It would be fun to see.

Teresa said...

Sounds like the kind of art show that I'd consider doing! Fresh air, countryside.... that would be me! Hope you get future business from this... always good to get your name out there.

BTW- been meaning to tell you that, no, I didn't know that pecans had to sit and dry out several weeks before they're edible! Our pecan tree has never produced pecans worth picking up so I usually end up buying them. So glad you let me know... I'm picking them up regularly and letting them sit!

Jan said...

Thanks everyone -
Sue, it was still a lot of work for the result but, yeah, I did enjoy it.

No photos, Christine. I even forgot my camera the first day! I could have kicked myself as I had the opportunity to photograph a commission candidate!

I'll let you know for next year if you want me to, Teresa. I have a feeling that this will grow and become a very popular event.