Thursday, October 7, 2010

Still Playing Fast and Loose

The challenge last month at Paint My Photo was to paint a photo in an hour or less and Teresa at Blueberries, Art and Life has been doing some remarkable paintings in 20 minutes or less.  I'm a slow painter so I've been trying these exercises to try to speed up at least some. 

The idea is to paint as quickly as possible and still retain the quality you want your finished piece to have.  That means deleting unnecessary elements and keeping the important ones.  It means making every stroke count.

This is one of the Cotons I've been commissioned to paint as a Christmas gift.  She's an absolutely adorable dog and I thought I'd practice quick painting with her.  I think I need more practice!

Watercolor on Kilimanjaro cold pressed paper


sue said...

20 minutes is no time at all ..... at least you have a likeness Jan - I probably wouldn't have got beyond the ribbon ('loose' isn't easy for me')

I look forward to seeing the 'proper' painting when you start on it

Jan said...

I apologize! I should have been more specific - this took about 45 minutes & most was because of the bow. When I said I was doing the speed exercises, I meant I was painting under a time restraint. It just happened to be the one hour one with this one.

Can't wait to get to meet the dogs next week then I can start on the portrait.

Teresa said...

Hi Jan,

Thanks for the mention and link... very sweet and generous of you!

Keep doing the quick paintings... it's wonderful to stretch and get out of your artistic comfort zone. I really don't worry too much about the results.. I try to get it as good as I can, but I also try to keep in mind that the end result is not the goal... the getting there and what I learn along the way is.

readingsully2 said...

This almost more amazing than all of the details if you know what I mean....but the detail brings it closer to reality of course.

Dors said...

What a great idea. helps you to keep it lose as well. Great job Jan even at 45mins you have shown character and good form.
I have been following Teres with her 20 minute paintings which are really great.

I have never heard of Kilimanjaro paper.

Jan said...

Thanks everyone, these quick paintings do help you learn to just see the most important details.

Dors, Kilamanjaro is the specialty brand of Cheap Joe's Art Supply. They're a NC company and I bought some of this paper when I first started exploring watercolor.