Monday, October 26, 2009

The Great Pecan Debate Rages On

This is a freehand digital painting - no photo, no filters or anything but a stylus, digital tablet and a home-grown pecan for a model. I posted it because I wanted to brush up on my Painter (software) skills and I had a pocketful of pecans yesterday when I came in to rest a bit after picking up pecans all morning.

Ok, it's a pecan - what's there to debate about a pecan?

Let me give you a little background and I'll bet a light begins to glimmer! My darling other half is from down-home Georgia stock even though he was pretty much raised in Florida and has lived here in North Carolina most of his adult life.

I was raised in Kansas on a farm even though I spent several years in Mississippi and most of my adult life here in North Carolina.

Needless to say, there's a rather large cultural difference and sometimes, an even larger difference in speech. Sort of, you say potAto, I say potAHto. So the great pecan debate rages on here especially during every pecan harvest.

I was raised to call these luscious nuts peCAHNs, my husband was raised to call them pEEcans. He's pretty stubborn and insists he's pronouncing the name correctly even though I've told him time and time again that a pee can is something you put under the bed in case you have to get up during the night!

What do you say?


sue said...

Thats funny Jan :o))

Sorry, but here in Kent we call them pEEcans too! .... and our 'taken short in the night' pEEcans were called chamber pots !!!!

~Barbara~ said...

Pee Pots go under the bed. :o)
And for this old southern gal, we've always called pecans,, "Peh-Kahns".

Jan said...

Uh oh, one for pEEcans and one for Peh-Kahns (like the way you spell it better than mine, Barb!)

I figured Barbara would pronounce it like my DH since she's from the South too - what a surprise!

Teresa said...

Okay, even though I'm not a native Southerner I have to weigh in on the side of "pee-cans".

Around here, anyone who says "puh-kahn" is suspected of being from Up North... or other subversive activities! ;-)

So, that's 2 for pee-can and
1 for puh-kahn!

Jan said...

Barbara sent me a link to another, older blog post from a lady in Mississippi, I think. Anyway, she was in somewhat the same situation with a husband who called them pee cans only I think he was from Pennsylvania. Anyway, she had visitors weigh in from all over the south and most called them Peh-Kahns. Perhaps Pee-can is actually just a North Carolina thing instead of a Southern thing.

Sorry, Teresa, that would blow your subversive Northerner theory!

readingsully2 said...

I say that either way that is a great digital pecan.

Jan said...

LOL, thanks Carole!