Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Another "Two-fer"

This doe was out front this morning right along the edge of our pecan grove. She stood still while I got several photos of her and, while this isn't the best shot of her, I was surprised to find a bonus in it when I downloaded it from my camera!

If you'll look at the bottom right of the photo (click to enlarge), you'll see one of the pesky bandits we have to combat in our quest to harvest ripe pecans! You might say that we could surely spare a few for the squirrels but they come in hordes from the woods surrounding us and can literally strip the trees of nuts in a surprisingly short amount of time.

Plus, they aren't the only thieves we have among us! The crows are very clever and will drop the pecans into the driveway in hopes that we'll run over them with the cars! That way they can just dig in and feast on the already cracked pecans!

Then there are the raccoons and possums and even our neighbor down the road has confessed to picking up a pocketfull from near the road while he was supposed to be picking up trash along the shoulders of the road!

So, maybe the pecans that the squirrels get don't sound like a big deal but I'm thinking that we'd better blast some rock music (or maybe a 410) or there won't be any nuts for us to collect! After all, we're the ones who planted the trees, watered and fertilized them and who have waited patiently for over 20 years for the trees to bear a nice crop - I'd sure like to be the one to reap the harvest!


Laura Barber-Riley said...

What a wonderful photo Jan!

sue said...

Great photo Jan ..

We had a similar problem with our Cobnuts in the garden. The squirrels always knew when the nuts were ripe and stripped them off the trees before we could pick them. Regretfully we decided to dig the trees out earlier this year to make way for colourful shrubs instead .... round one to the squirrels!!!

Teresa Mallen said...

Lovely doe photo! It doesn't sound like you will get many of those pecans...

Dors said...

Lovely Jan...and what a bonus with the squirrel.

Jan said...

Thanks to all of you for visiting and commenting.

Laura, it's good to see you as I so like going to visit your blog!

Sue, I don't think we'll be taking out the pecan trees. It's taken over 15 years just to get a light crop plus, we have 40+ plus trees!

Teresa, we're waging a good fight and have already gotten quite a few. I let the crows put nuts in the driveway then go pick them up! They sit in the trees and squawk at me!

Dors, unfortunately, we don't consider the squirrels much of bonuses but it is neat to gotten it in the same photo as the deer!