Monday, November 2, 2009

Dough Art - The Rejects!

Well, it was my first try in probably 30 some years! Don't laugh too hard.

I made Mary's (DoughDitties) dough art recipe and it made a luscious, smooth dough that was easy to work with. I want to state that my failure was certainly not her fault!

The two ornaments I've posted were just sloppy work on my part. In case you can't tell, one is a bell and the other is a candle! (They're wrapped in plastic wrap to keep the grease off my scanner so forgive the shine.)

I did make two other ornaments that I'm very pleased with though but I can't really post them yet. One is for an ornament exchange at a forum I belong to and some of the members follow my blog. Since I don't know who I will be sending the ornament to, I don't want to give away any secrets here!

And besides, the ornaments that did turn out still have to be painted - I just hope that goes well! Guess I'll find out tomorrow.

Oh, Mary! Does the dough keep well? I've wrapped it in plastic wrap then put it into a plastic bag with the air squeezed out. Then I put it into the fridge - will it keep for a while just in case I mess up the painting part and have to re-do the ornaments?


sue said...

What fun! are you going to use 'the rejects' to practice your painting on Jan?
Personally, I don't think they look so bad :o)

Jan said...

Yes, it's been fun so far. I haven't started the painting yet but will soon. I doubt I do anything with the rejects except to put them in File 13!

I may do some more ornaments and set them baking while I paint - we'll see.

Thanks for the comment!

Teresa said...

Well, the bell might be a bit wonky (as they say in England) but the candle looks good...and for your first try in a long time I think you did a great job! I look forward to seeing the painted ornaments!

Teresa Mallen said...

Humm, yes a bit wonky (we say wonky in Canada too)...I thought the candle was a ship anchor! :-)

Best of luck with the painting!!!