Monday, July 18, 2011

Lakefest - Clarksville, Virginia

The days are flying by again as we've been pretty busy lately.  We took a "quick" trip to Florida to see my DH's mother and his sister and her family,  I say it was a quick trip because it actually takes about 12 hours to drive and we were only gone a total of four days!  Of course, it took two of those days to make the drive!

DH took the rest of the week off and we've gone here and there locally doing things we normally can't do when he's at work.  One thing we did was attend Lakefest in Clarksville, Virginia.

My daughter and her family were spending the weekend near there on Kerr Lake on the North Carolina side so we met them and went to the festival.  It was a mad house!  The festival stretched for what felt like miles on a hilly street.  The photo above was taken from atop one of those hills and was about mid-point of all the booths.  If you click on the photo, it will enlarge and you can see how many people thronged this event!  Unfortunately, this was about as far as we got as both my husband and I were seriously tired after about the first mile.  We took turns carrying our little dog in her mesh carrier but the day began to really heat up and we were concerned that she would get too hot and since we were already tired, we just left before getting to see all the offerings there.

Although it was advertised as an arts and crafts festival, we only saw one booth with actual art in it.  There were many craft booths but the food vendors probably outnumbered everything else!

Maybe we'll go back someday and take the time and effort to see the whole event - my husband says I can do it if I want to but he's not going to go through all the heat, the jostling and up and down walking again!  I think they have another festival in October and it should be much cooler by then!  Think I can change his mind by then?  lol


Dors said...

What a 4 days eh. busy busy and yes the heat is very tiring. I don't blame you for the "Had enough day"
A really hectic 4 days . It would have been nice to see your daughter and family.
Nice to do and see things close to home as well. More relaxing. xx

Jan said...

The heat has been very wearing and the trip to Florida was heat at it's worst! It was good to get home.
We did get to see my daughter and her family when we went to Lakefest but we just didn't stay long there. My daughter was already there with friends and lives fairly close to us anyway so we do get to see them frequently.
My DH went back to work today and it was good to get back into a regular schedule!

Christine Perry | Graphite Art said...

Looks like a fun festival...lots of people there. Must have been a good day for the vendors.

Jan said...

Christine, I hope it was good for the vendors - believe me, they earned every penny they made. It was so hot and stayed hot the entire festival. I don't think I would set up under such circumstances.