Monday, June 14, 2010

SpectaFix Brand Fixative

 "Southern Magnolia"

I got an order in from Dick Blick a couple of weeks ago or so and have just now been able to play with some of the things I bought.

Most of the items were simply restocking some of my favorite supports but I added a new item this time - SpectraFix, the relatively new fixative made with a milk casein formula.  I was eager to try it since it's not an aerosol in a can and is not supposed to smell nor be that toxic to use.

One of the things I hate most about pastel is fixing it!  I have to go outside to spray because my studio does not have adequate ventilation for most aerosol fixatives.  That's a royal pain when the weather is bad and even if the weather cooperates, I like to spray between layers (until the last one) and that's a lot of running in and out!

So I was delighted to hear of this spray.  It's still an aerosol but comes in a pump spray bottle instead of the usual cans with chemical propellants.  I put it to the test with the magnolia painting above.

I'm very pleased to say that it does work very well as a fixative and there really isn't any smell! 


sue said...

Hi Jan

You mentioned Spectrafix before (on the Pet Portrait Forum I think) but hadn't tried it then. Glad it works but I still can't find a supplier here in the UK (will do a better search when I have more time)

You are so much better served for drawing/art materials in the US :o)

When will we see the first portrait of Ceci??

Dors said...

Wonderful Magnolia. The BG makes the Magnolia really pop.
Great job Jan.
Oh isn't it great getting new art toys. I love it.
I agree with Sue. You really do have the cream in art supplies over the UK and Australia.
Glad the fixative pump works well for you.
I always have to go outside too and it is a pain.

Teresa said...

I've heard good things about SpectraFix. Isn't it fun to get new art supplies :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jan, I hope you received my e-mail of a few weeks ago....sorry it took me so long to get back to you, and thank you for the info you send to me regarding glassless pastels.

I have been reading more and more about SF on many on line art forums and personal art does sound like a dream come true!

Just wanted to add to SUE in the UK, that I don't think it is available here yet.