Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New Friend in Texas

CiCi has opened many doors for friendship since we've had her but one of the nicest people I've met has been Suzanne in Tx.

I "met" Suzanne while searching for a harness for CiCi that wouldn't rub her "arm" pits and neck area.  I found Suzanne's Etsy shop and blog where she sells collars and accessories and patterns/tutorials for sewing your own!  I thought a custom made harness might be just the thing for CiCi and emailed Suzanne to ask about the fastenings on the harnesses.

She not only emailed me back promptly with answers, she also emailed me again later saying that she had read my blog about CiCi and wanted to recommend a product called Angels' Eyes for white dogs!  I thought that was kindness above and beyond the ordinary.

So, Suzanne, I just want to thank you publicly for your kindness.

And all of you with pets, go see Suzanne's Etsy shop and then mosey on over to her blog!

and Suzanne's blog Suzanne's Crazy For Collars

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