Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Another CiCi Photo!

Thought you might like to see a full length photo of CiCi.  She was almost shaved when we got her so she doesn't have the Maltese show dog hair but she's still beautiful, isn't she?

CiCi is such a little wimp about some things!  She's very quiet and very well-behaved but she'd almost rather take a beating than go outside.  We've not had any problems with accidents in the house but she will hold it forever to avoid going out.

I try to take her out frequently but instead of nosing around learning about her new environment, she will promptly sit or lie down and won't move unless it's to head for the porch!  If she sees me heading for the house, she will race to beat me there so she's in position to dart through the door the moment I open it!

Little rascal!  Isn't she a cutie?


sue said...

she certainly is a cutie Jan ... sounds as though you may have a few battles of will ahead :o)

Teresa said...

She's adorable! Perhaps she'll become more at ease as time goes on... when she figures out that everything is going to be okay.

Christine said...

She is a very adorable little dog, Jan! Sounds like she really likes her home and the protection and comfort it gives her. I like the story about your hubby and your new little girly girl. Sounds to me like he is ready to protect her with his life. My Marine husband is like this also with our 4lb Chihuahua. They are like a match made in Heaven. ;o)
Share more pictures of your little girl when you can.

Beth said...

Hi Jan! Your little CiCi is so adorable! I have a maltese too, but she is not a tiny one like your CiCi. My Lexie is almost 9 years old. I love having a smaller white dog. Enjoy your little one!

Jan said...

Thanks, everyone. CiCi is becoming more at ease everyday and even allowed my husband to hold her without her quivering. Progress!

Bethie, I didn't realize that you had a Maltese also. You'll have to give me pointers on how to deal with her!