Tuesday, June 29, 2010

And Now, Back to Pastel!

This is an ATC (2-1/2" x 3-1/2") I did for an exchange in an art forum I belong to.  It's pastel on the U-Art 800 sanded paper which I'm beginning to like better.  However, like all the other sanded papers, it sure doesn't photograph well!  This time I scanned it at about 600 dpi then reduced it for the web in my graphics software.  It still isn't quite true to the actual painting but maybe you get the ideal. 

I named it "All The Sweetness of Summer" as that first tree-ripened peach is the true indicator that summer is really here - at least for us.  We have about 100 peach trees but they're well over 20 years old and just aren't producing much any more.  They're also getting "brittle" and the least bit of wind will split the tree or at least break out branches.  Because of that, we're gradually taking them out.

That's really for the best though as we started out thinking that we could raise peaches organically.  Unfortunately, peaches are very disease-prone and the bugs love them too.  Organic methods work but constant attention is necessary and is very labor-intensive. 

So, we've planted a couple of new trees that we'll baby along and hope they'll produce enough peaches to herald in summer as well as enough for our table and the freezer!


Dors said...

Lovely job Jan. Gosh so many peach trees.
We love to grow the fruit trees. Haven't got a peach tree yet.

Lovely coloring on the peaches.

Beth said...

Hi Jan! Glad you joined in on the trade! Your peaches are very pretty. I have found that adjusting the colors in a photo editing program is always necessary, especially for artwork on sanded surfaces.

Jeanette said...

I can almost smell the peaches from here Jan. You've done a beautiful job on such a small piece too.

100 trees! Heaven. A friend here has a small peach tree in the greenhouse that produces a handful of fruit each year that is eked out to make the flavour last. They're like gold dust here. Our season is just too short and too cold for them.

Jan said...

Thanks, Dors! We have all kinds of fruit trees here along with about 50 pecan trees. My DH wanted something to do when he retires and I guess he has it now!

Bethie! So good to see you here! I enjoyed the trade and hope Norma likes the ATC.

Thank you, Jeanette. The trees are most appreciated the following winter after a good crop. While we love the first ones off the tree, picking them in 100+ degree heat is not so fun. The humidity and all that peach fuzz sticking to sweaty skin is the price for that winter appreciation!

Teresa said...

This is lovely, Jan - and your use of complementary colors works very well!

Jan said...

Thank you, Teresa!