Tuesday, May 26, 2009

After the Memorial Day Holiday

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day and gave more thought to the reason for it than to the food on the grill.

We had a quiet day which is always nice. We really don't like to go anywhere on a holiday because most of the time the crowds are overwhelming. However, we did go to Chapel Hill on Sunday and ended up going to Trader Joe's. It was the first time I'd ever been in one although I've heard about them before.

It too was very crowded which made it difficult to look at what they had available. We bought a few items and came on back home.

The country feels sooooo nice after a trip like that!


Teresa said...

Hi Jan,

We had a very nice Memorial Day. Had a cookout with family in our yard...set up picnic tables, etc. Was a good family time.

We did indeed think about those who sacrificed in so many ways - and those who are making sacrifices even now- to make this day possible for the rest of us. My son-in-law is currently serving in Iraq. God Bless - and may we be bless- our Military every day.

twincedar said...

We didn't really do anything but I enjoyed the time off.

Jan said...

So glad you both had a good holiday!