Monday, December 1, 2008

Whimsy or Realism?

One of the art forums I visit has a post from a really good realistic artist who was not only turned down for gallery space but was basically told that her art was not any good. Of course she was devastated. Come to find out, this gallery only showed abstract art and was saying that since she didn't paint in the abstract style, she wasn't any good.

The discussion continued about different genres of art being in vogue at a particular place and time and that these genres cycle in and out of favoritism.

From what I see on the internet, whimsy seems to be the current art flavor of this period, especially for pet portraits.

One master of this type of painting is Ron Burns. I like his work immensely even though my "calling" is to realism (artists are allowed to appreciate the different types of art!).

Getting back to the post on the art forum, many of the members posted about the hard time the impressionists, for example, had being taken seriously in the art world of their time. Now we look back and consider them the geniuses of their era!

I wonder what future generations will think when they look upon this period in art history? Will they look at abstracts and whimsical paintings and appreciate them or will there be a different flavor of the century?


Pop ARF said...
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Anonymous said...

Jan, Thanks for the kind words about my art. I believe that the personality of the dogs - and cats - that I paint, gives me all the reasons I need, to do what I do, and it is only fitting that I give back to them whatever I can. Again, thanks for the recognition. Ron

Jan said...

You're very welcome. I do like your art very much or wouldn't have said so. I'm sure you'll be one of those who go down in history for this painting style.

Merry Christmas to you!