Tuesday, December 30, 2008


pastel on paper
Jan Gibson

This is a pastel pencil painting that I struggled over. The reference photo was pretty bad (no, I didn't take it this time! lol) as it was shot from the front using a flash. Many of the features were totally washed out and, of course, those weird "flashed" eyes. So, much of this was sort of made up as I went along.

However, the owner was pleased with it and kept saying that it was her Jack.

Guess that's all that counts!


"JeanneG" said...

I really love all your animal paintings. Especially the puppies. I looked thru several pages of your blog and didn't see photos of your two dogs. What breed do you have?

Thank you for visiting and leaving a message on my blog. Always nice to get to know visitors.

Jan said...

Thank you so much for your nice comments, Jeanne. I'm glad you stopped by.

We have 2 Lab mixes, both rescues, both black (because black animals are so hard to place) and both hate having their pictures taken. They cow down and hang their heads like someone is going to beat them! Of course, they're spoiled rotten and have never been beaten as long as we've had them!

So I haven't been able to get decent photos of either of them and have never painted them. I have tried sketching them while they're sleeping but they usually wake up and move before I finish.

Hope you stop back by again some time.

Teresa Mallen said...

Hi Jan,

Jack is a real cutie. I think he turned out great - in spite of a challenging reference photo. And you know what I really like about the piece? The strokes of colour at the bottom. Lovely! Of course this probably took you just seconds to apply and here I am focusing on it instead of the dog. :-) What I am trying to say is that it makes a great finishing touch to the piece!
Happy New Year!!

Jan said...

Thanks, Teresa. I like those stripey things at the bottom also. The photo showed the dog standing on a bed with the footboard hiding his feet. I didn't want to have to make up his paws so just gave him an afghan or cushion or whatever you want it to be. It just sort of seemed to belong there.

I would have liked a good reference photo but, unfortunately, the dog has passed on and there were none to be had. I have a feeling he was quite a character.

Thanks for stopping by as it's always good to see you. I value your comments also.

I'll post about it after the New Year hoopla, but I'm hopeful again about pastels without glass. I know you're doing cp but you might want to peek in now and then as I'm hoping to get some more information on the process.