Saturday, December 27, 2008

After Christmas/Before New Years!

Christmas Lights
Christmas Lights

We ended up taking the dogs for one more trip to see the Christmas lights before everyone takes them down for the year. I took some photos but they didn't come out that well. The photo above is from just one house so you can imagine what the whole street looked like!

As usual, the dogs enjoyed the trip and my husband was inspired to add more lights to our yard next year. This was pretty much confirmed when he found a bunch of lighted candy canes really cheap at WalMarts on the New Black Friday (the day after Christmas).

Today is supposed to be our family Christmas dinner but my son in law called last evening to say that both my daughter and granddaughter were really sick and he didn't think they'd be able to make it today.

I'm disappointed as it would have been the first time both kids had been together for Christmas in about 6 years! It seems that one or the other have always had something come up and it looks as if the pattern continues this year.

Our son will be here though with the two grandchildren so I'm still cooking. I made homemade yeast rolls last evening and a squash casserole
early this morning (but haven't baked it yet). The squash is from our garden this past summer and it's so nice to have something from our garden in the middle of winter!

We're having ham but that's my husband's job to cook as I don't eat any kind of meat. It's hard to prepare it when you can't taste it to see if it's seasoned properly so he takes over that chore. I so appreciate it too as sometimes even the smell of meat cooking is unpleasant to me.

So, I guess I'd better head back to the kitchen and finish all the preparations - I'm still hoping my daughter and her family will be well enough to be with us. If not, I'll probably take some of the food over there as I always make enough to feed Pharoah's army!

May you all have the best New Year ever!


§~Barbara~§ said...

Hey gal,
Love the lights....... We use to have stuff like that when we lived down south. Big picture too. LOL
Hope your daughter and granddaughter are feeling better. A lot of people are getting the flulike stuff and are really this year.
Anyway, thanks for the New Years wishes..... Hope you have a good year too....

Jan said...

Glad you like the big picture of the lights - it was more impressive viewing in person of course.

All the children were at our Christmas dinner as my daughter and granddaughter were feeling fine. We had a great time.

We plan to have a super 2009 and want everyone else to have one also.

Thanks for visiting!