Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas Lights/Strange Traditions

Hayfield Christmas Tree
Jan Gibson

The photo above shows the Christmas tree that my husband decorates every year. It sits on the edge of our yard right before the yard merges into the hayfield in the front of the house.

I guess it's kind of weird to have a lighted tree sort of in the middle of nowhere but I'm sure people passing by at night are comforted by these lights. Well, maybe they're just amused! Oh, well, if it makes them smile, I'll all for the tree.

As I said, this is kind of a weird tradition but it's not the weirdest one we observe at this time of the year. We live about 5 miles from a little community-sized town. It's tiny but they usually have a nice tree on the main street and there' s a little side street where the residents go all out with lights and decorations. Every year, we take our two old dogs to "see the lights" in this little town. We've been doing it for 13 years - ever since we got the dogs as pups.
They seem to know when it's time for their annual Christmas trip and they really seem to enjoy it.

Of course, it could be that they're just excited about a trip out with us that doesn't involve the vet!


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