Sunday, September 18, 2011

Bracken - After The Fall

I've been working more on Bracken since I dropped her portrait and am once again at the stage where I'll let it sit to make sure there's nothing more I need to do to it.

As always, if anyone sees anything that need to be done or changed, please let me know!


sue said...

That was quick Jan ... thought you were going to leave it for a few days :-)

The only think I would tweak if it were my painting is the dogs right eye (our left side). I tracked back and found the original ref picture on PMP and the eye, as you've depicted, is shadowed and dark but I personally would make the highlights just a tad brighter than the photo show.

Just my suggestion ... I'm about to start on an elderly Golden Retriever now (from not such good photo) :-(

Jan/ said...

I agree, Sue. I've looked and looked at that eye, measured, etc. but just couldn't figure out what was wrong. I'll try brightening the highlights - thanks so much!

Sadeu said...

very well paintings : )